10 things about Althia

10 things about Althia

I’ve decided to join the bandwagon too! I hope it’s not too late, saw the meme since like forever but it’s only now that I have made the time to do it! And so, without further adieu…

Also, tagging everyone who haven’t done this! Consider yourself tagged! :))))

"Althia Sophia Quint"

1. In the Village.

– Althia was raised in a small dainty village in Austria. She had a simple yet nurturing life with her family.

2. Healing Hands.

– The name Althia means "healer". As her name suggest, she was exposed in treating common wounds and injuries by her mother and father who were the town healer and apothecary, respectively.

3. Earth-bound.

– Aside from concocting medicines out of fresh herbs that they gather, they also plant vegetables and other root crops in their backyard for a living. They sell it in the town’s annual summer festival.

4. Woodland Princess.

– Althia grew up having the forest as her playground, where she also befriends nothing but animals, from rabbits to deer, from humming birds to frogs. And, so you might have guessed that she’s a vegetarian.

5. Sisterly Love.

– She has 3 little sisters: Alithea, Aliah, Aeiah. She loves to read them bedtime stories and braids their hair after basking in the riverside.

6. Food-ophelia.

– She also has an insane-love for cooking, specially baking some goodies: Bread, buns, muffins, pies, cookies, tarts, macaroons, biscuits, cakes. Name it she knows how to whip it. She aspires to study in a culinary school in France someday and become the best patissiere ever! :))))

7. Perks!

– Her favorite flowers are pansies and sunflowers. She also has a thing for chamomile and honey teas. She definitely loves to collect vintage things like rusty pocket watches or old lacy mufflers.

8. Hopeless Romantic.

– Althia was first conceived as a hopeless romantic. When she was 8 years old, she met a young boy at the town fair whom she never forgot. Although unfortunately, they parted ways in that night and never got to ask his name. :(((((

9. Heart of the Group!

– Althia’s the youngest in my whole crew (minus Giggles & Cuddles of course, haha!), about 15 years old. But I can say that she’s one of the most mature when it comes to decision-making. She’s also the most responsible and takes care of everyone’s needs.

10. Lady Love.

– Also, her heart already belongs to someone. She’s now in a "it’s complicated relationship" with Ashe.

Other info’s:

*Althia was one of my first OCs.
*She was once a Mary-Sue character.
*I almost tried to reshell her.
*She would grow up someday, as a DOT E-An [?] (/gtroll)

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